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This wiki includes what can be considered local knowledge, (but the sum of their local knowledge is not limited to the contents of this wiki, of course) – that is, the things in this wiki may be referenced by your character if they have a) learned about them in game; or b) can successful make a knowledge (local) check – the DC of which is subject to change. 

As a general rule, however, your character (and you) will learn about most things in game.


This campaign is set on the continent of Annalay, which is a massive landmass about 10 000 kilometers across. The terrain varies from sprawling plains, to endless marshes, to frosted tundra, to extreme mountains that divide the continent in two. The landmass is bordered on three sides – north, west, and south – by ocean; and could be called a giant peninsula, only bordering on the untamed wilds of the east.

Annalay contains four Nations: Roqulumn, country2, country3, and country4. The kingdom of Roqulumn.

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