A Darkness That Can Be Felt

The purging of Ireplain Mine

Finding and routing the source of the evil presence

The party emerges from the mine after clearing the original kobold infestation, and heads back to the town of Ireplain to inform the populace of their victory over the vermin, to divide their loot, and to report to the new mayor the evil presence they encountered.

The party finished their blitz on the very generous marketplace with about 4000 gold pieces jingling in their pockets, and some new equipment courtesy of the very grateful people, the party turned their attention to the mayor, Askold, searching for payment to sanctify the mine.

After some haggling, the party and the town reached an agreement: a clear mine for a 5% share in the mine.


Opting to begin their search where they had last encountered the circle of Zon-Kuthon Cultists, the party pushes deeper and deeper into the darkness, with the chill down Michael (last name), and Malothyne the Golden's respective back growing colder and colder.

About 40 minutes through the endless twisting and turning of the tunnels, the walls squared, and the floor became uniform – it started to look like an underground dungeon. 



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